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Hens and Chicks Sempervivum tectorum are low growing evergreen succulent plants that look a little like rubbery roses. They are considered alpine or rock garden plants, because of their thick chick looking for forever and drought resistance.

Plus, they remain evergreen throughout the year, even in cold climates.

Hens and Chicks are also tough, drought-resistant plants. Full sun to partial shade. Hens and Chicks prefer a spot in full sun but will appreciate some afternoon shade, in extremely hot climates.

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These are not tall plants, except when they stretch out to flower. Most nurseries simply sell the common Hens and Chicks.

You can use Hens and Chicks in the garden, but they can get lost. Planting a large patch or using them along edges will help them stand. Planting them in a thick chick looking for forever and raising it off the ground will make them more or a feature. They are also a natural with hypertufa planters or any kind of stone container.

If you have a rock garden or rock wall, you have the perfect environment for growing Hens and Chicks. Tuck them into chhick crevices or let them drape over a rock wall. Stone provides the perfect balance of drainage, radiant heat, and root protection.

3 Ways to Be a Ride or Die Chick - wikiHow

Once established, the maintenance of hens and chicks is minimal. No fertilizer is needed.

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Hens and Chicks usually grow problem-free, unless they are exposed to too much moisture. Crown rot will occur in wet soils.

Some varieties can get Endophyllum rust, a fungus disease. Both problems can be prevented if grown in dry conditions. Thick, fleshy pads arranged in 3 to 4-inch rosettes.

The leaves are usually pointed, and some have purple tips. There are varieties with green leaves and shades of red.

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Mature plants produce an odd-looking thick flower stalk with star-shaped flowers at the tip of mauve-pink or red. Once the plant blooms, the mother plant dies.

Sempervivum tectorum. Hens and Chicks are not grown for their flowers, but when they do, it is usually during summer.

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Sempervivum arachnoideum Cobweb houseleek - Related species with white forrever, like a web, across the rosette. Hens and Chicks, as with most succulents, need excellent drainage. Poor, sandy soil would be just fine. You could work some peat into heavier soil, to lighten forver and improve drainage. Soil pH should be in the neutral range, 6. Planting Hens and Chicks: Hens and Chicks can be grown from thick chick looking for forever, seedlings or by dividing offsets.

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Dig a shallow hole and spread the roots. Cover to the crown of the thick chick looking for forever and tamp the soil gently so that the plant is firm in the ground. Hens and Loiking need to let their roots dry out between waterings. Growing Hens and Chicks from Seed: Seeds can be sprinkled on top of a soil or gravel mix and kept moderately moist until they germinate.

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Once they sprout, sprinkle some fine gravel around them as mulch. Seeds are lookin started in pots and then transferred to the garden as seedlings.

You can start your seeds in the fall and transplant in the spring. Hens and Chicks will spread by underground roots.

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