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Love is a choice not just a feeling I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters

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Love is a choice not just a feeling

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You just love the whole idea of me.

Or you love the way I make you feel or how I look; you love the attention I give you, but you do not love me. You might sit around and think about what is going on, attractive asian men your spouse is asking you all these questions.

But the truth is people today are largely mistaken on what love actually is.

Love is a Choice More than a Feeling

They tend to think love is feeling even when it is not. They believe that being in love means butterflies and rainbows; thinking about feelung one person constantly all throughout your day. This is where they go wrong! These butterflies and thoughts occupied by dating pisces partner is not love.

It is an infatuation. It is fun, but it does not define love. Love is pain and sacrifice. Love is compromise and respect.

Looking Sex Meet Love is a choice not just a feeling

Love is the most beautiful and real thing in this world and when reciprocated can make you feel things you never knew existed. Imagine someone knowing all about you like the back of your hand.

Imagine yourself messing up barcelona dating site letting this person down, and they forgive you.

They are smart enough to read between the lines, understand the situation and do not judge you. This means that they love you. They notice the smallest things like the scar on your thighs or the mole on your neck, you may hate it, but they think it defines you. Free ads for real estate find these things cute even if you find them immature.

They love your heart and the compassion it holds, they know you like the back of your hand. This is what love is.

What ‘Love’ Really Means Because It’s Not Just A Feeling | Thought Catalog

It is being known fully and completely yet being accepted. When someone loves you, they love all of you and not just the parts you look pretty in.

A year-old Tumblr user, Taylor Iz that goes by love is a choice not just a feeling username cute lesbian decided to share her thoughts on love and relationships. She claimed to have attended a relationship for life class and said that her greatest fear is no longer fear of heights or closed spaces. Instead, she fears the fact that someone who once saw all the stars in your eyes can fall out of love after some time. She claimed that the person who once found your stubbornness cute and your feet on their dash sexy might later find your stubbornness as a refusal to compromise nude street sex your feet as immaturity.

This post reached out to many people, and they agreed with this saying that once the burning intensity and adoration of your relationship die down, all you have left are the ashes to deal.

Nlt in another post, when she was in a less turbulent emotional condition, she added to her post. She claimed that the most beautiful part of the class was when her teacher asked her students if love is a choice or a feeling.

Even though most kids claimed it was a feeling, the teacher thought. She claims that love is a conscious commitment you make to feeliing loyal to a single person.

After a few years of marriage, the lovey-dovey feeling vanishes and all you are left with is the commitment you once. You cannot build a relationship on a shaky foundation as feelings. When someone loves you, they love all of you.

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They see your weak points and still love you. They believe in you, and when they get upset with you, they talk to you about it calmly. They focus on the relationship more instead of focusing on being right.

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When you love someone, accepting their flaws comes naturally. When the feelings fade away, and the excitement of looking forward to their presence drowns away, you sit at home and wait for your spouse to come home because you love.

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Because you choose to commit to. Because you make a choice and you intend to honor it.

You made a choice. Some days you wake up with the person who once disappointed you, and you still have breakfast with them and choose to be kind to. Take Course.

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Get Listed. Reviews Tips and Ideas Weddings Zodiac. So what is love?

I Am Wanting Sexy Dating Love is a choice not just a feeling

What is love? How can love be a choice?

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