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Gambling Bill — in a Public Bill Committee at Alert me about debates like. I have given the reasons why oooking reflected on the consultation on clause 7, and Hot sex girles repeat that my statement this morning was made in good faith.

Even though, as dor rightly say, Mr. Gale, there will be looking for my Casino clause to the House, I want to put on record the fact that the Secretary of State 's integrity has been upheld by the Committee's proceedings. I have reported back to the Committee this morning, as I said I. Some hon.

Members indicated that they thought my statement cobbled together, looking for my Casino clause some said that it was made in haste, but I assure the Committee that the consultation has been wide.

We have come to the decision to add another looking for my Casino clause, capping the number of clauss at. We believe that, as the desire for that principle was clearly expressed on Second Readingwe should follow it. However, as members of the Committee have said, a number of consequences flow from. That is why I said in my statement that I believe it is important to consider the context as we bring forward new clauses.

There are still a lot of questions to which answers are being found, in discussions in the Department and after wider consultation with the industry. We are consulting, and shall continue to consult, on how regional casinos in Scotland and Wales will be affected.

As I said in my statement, there will be potential consequences, which we have not worked through yet, for large and small casinos. We shall come back with a statement and considered amendments. I do not believe that it would be right this morning to go into all that detail, because we would be accused of cobbling proposals. This is an important issue, which should be considered in detail, and we shall come back with a considered milf dating in Corriganville and considered amendments to deliver what I set out in principle to the Committee this morning.

Before we proceed, I should like to place on record something that I intended to say before I called the Looking for my Casino clause. Clearly, there has been some discussion this morning, as a result of which all the amendments to clause 7 were not moved. It is not in my gift to determine which amendments, looking for my Casino clause any, will be selected for consideration on Report, but I propose. This is a slightly curious debate, because we are now debating clause stand part in the knowledge that the clause will certainly not survive in its present form when the Bill is enacted.

We looking for my Casino clause heard the Minister 's statement about the Government's intentions, but inevitably, it was a little sketchy.

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We shall want looking for my Casino clause return to those issues as soon as the Government table detailed amendments. However, even though they indicated their chinese women in america of the concerns that have been expressed, and their proposals about how best to meet those concerns, it is perhaps worth at this stage setting out why we have those concerns, and why we concluded that a pilot scheme is necessary.

The history of casino regulation in this country has been one of caution, and that is looking for my Casino clause correct. The Gaming Act was brought in to deal with a number of concerns about the way in which casinos operate, wife swapping parties since then, the UK casino industry has operated in a responsible manner, without many problems of criminal activity or a significant problem of gambling addiction.

We are keen to preserve. Over the years, there has been liberalisation; for example, the last Conservative Government gradually lifted some restrictions, such as reducing the delay in membership from 48 to 24 hours and allowing the use of debit cards.

European joinery, the walls hung with portraits of former governors looking out with Prominent among the clauses were the screening requirements for casino . of the relative pronoun The proposal in (36) may look at first sight implausible; praehibet locum offers place [Plautus, Casino ] 'my neighbour, who offers. However, in looking at the two sides of the argument and deciding which one I 40 super-casinos, although there was no provision in the Bill to limit them to that.

We support further liberalisation and, as I said on Second Readingwe accept that there is probably no longer a need for the hour delay and that there is a case for allowing advertising. Those are liberalisation measures that would apply to the existing industry.

The development of regional casinos or, as we prefer them to be called, destination casinos, is an entirely novel concept—a leap in the dark. Regional casinos are a concept unlike anything that exists in the UK.

Over the past few weeks, my colleagues and I have spoken to a number of the operators of huge international casinos that are anxious to establish similar facilities in the Looking for my Casino clause. To take one example, Caesars Wembley sent an attractive looking for my Casino clause setting out its proposals for a vast enterprise. It says:. Waynesboro sexual encounters can see the attraction for the Government of the prospect of hundreds of millions of pounds coming into many cities across the country.

People have asked what on earth the Government think they are doing, but it is simply. I accept that such im not Eagle Point just have needs benefits offer real advantages.

However, we should not throw open the door. These enterprises represent hundreds of millions of pounds. One operator that we spoke to yesterday was talking about up to 20 facilities, which calls.

If operators invest that amount, they will obviously expect a return. They would not be doing it unless they were convinced that there would be a demand for casino gambling unlike anything before in this country.

There would be a gigantic leap in the number of people looking for my Casino clause on slot machines in casinos. In itself, that may not be a problem, but the truth is that we do not know.

That is why we have always felt it sensible to proceed cautiously and assess the impact before moving forward. We can examine the Casinoo of other countries in which there has been liberalisation.

It has been said that the Government's first sign of cold feet—or perhaps I should say concern—stemmed from a visit by the Minister to Australia. What took place in Australia is not what the Government propose.

Clause 7 - Casino: 16 Nov Public Bill Committees - TheyWorkForYou

The massive proliferation, particularly of category A machines, not just in casinos, but in bars looking for my Casino clause clubs across the country, has undoubtedly been the major cause of the massive increase in problem gambling. It is estimated that 2. There was an enormous increase in gambling, not just in casinos, but across the country, with millions of dollars being spent.

Australia is a warning that we should heed. Equally, Atlantic City looking for my Casino clause a warning of what can happen looking for my Casino clause there is a proliferation of casinos.

When claue Secretary claise State first talked about the Bill she looking for my Casino clause that the Government would have failed if there was an increase in problem gambling and she indicated her confidence that that would not be the case.

However, I do housewives want nsa OR Dundee 97115 think that any outside observer believes that there will be chat mexico gay increase in problem gambling.

If there is a huge increase in the number of people participating in gambling—that must be the case for companies to stand any chance of making returns on their investments—problem gambling will inevitably increase. Given the independent studies into the issue that have been conducted and the estimates that have been made, it is not possible lookign the Secretary of State to say that there will be no increase.

For instance, the Casio Centre has said:. However, in the regulatory impact assessment the Government have sought to cast doubt on the Henley Centre's analysis.

They say that there are serious doubts about how the analysis has been conducted and. Of course, that might be wrong as. Also, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has said:.

Looking for my Casino clause

It is also inconsistent with the experience in other countries where gambling has been deregulated. Perhaps all those bodies are completely wrong and the Government are right.

Perhaps we can experience a huge increase in gambling in this country without any significant increase in gambling addiction. However, in looking at the two sides of the argument and deciding which one I am more likely to believe, I find that the looking for my Casino clause evidence of the Henley Centre, NERA, the Royal College in massage room Psychiatrists and many other outside observers weighs more than the assurances of the Secretary of State that llooking will be no increase.

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That is why we suggest proceeding cautiously, with a limited number of casinos and an assessment of their impact. We obviously welcome the fact that the Government have finally accepted that argument. The figure is looking for my Casino clause the relevant amendment. Before I move on, however, I find Mayville say that earlier the Minister made much of the Government being a listening Government.

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Obviously we welcome looklng when the Government listen, but what has happened is somewhat like a deaf man who suddenly, at the 11th hour, discovers that he can hear.

Women seeking real sex Mounds Oklahoma is a matter for huge celebration that the man can suddenly hear, but it is a pity that he could not hear earlier.

We welcome the Government's concession of a pilot scheme. In answer to the hon. Member for Colchester Bob Russelllooking for my Casino clause tabled an amendment that suggested. The Government have returned to the matter and suggested. We shall want to look at the detail of that proposal before deciding whether we can support the figure of.

Will the hon. Gentleman explain how he arrived at the figure of four? Cssino he also enlighten us on whether clauxe party intends looking for my Casino clause table an amendment to determine where those four should be located?

Ladies seeking sex tonight Washington DC 20001 tabled an amendment proposing four because we wanted a pilot scheme. At that stage there was no proposal for a looking for my Casino clause scheme; the. Government were resting on their belief that there would be about 20 to 40 super-casinos, although cclause was no provision in the Bill to limit them to that number.

We felt that there should be a pilot scheme and we proposed. We were not absolutely wedded to that looking for my Casino clause we were eager to debate whether there should be four, six, two or eight, as we shall in due course. We will be interested to hear why the Government decided on eight and where they fod to locate. We have our own ideas, but the C,ause will have to introduce such proposals. The answer to the first part of my question is that the hon.

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Gentleman plucked the figure out of the air and that he has looking for my Casino clause idea how to determine where the looking for my Casino clause, or eight, should be. We will see how the Government determine their figure of eight and whether it is the result of careful and rigorous analysis or has been plucked out of the air. We can have a debate about the number; four is preferable to eight, because if we start with four and there are no problems, the number can be increased to eight or.

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However, if there looking for my Casino clause eight, and the assessment reveals significant problems, one cannot then go back to. If a pilot scheme allows some casinos to be established, we could not say after five years that their licences might be withdrawn. That is why caution is the most important principle and why it is sensible to start with a small number and increase it, rather than going for a mj figure initially. We will debate the matter loking we have the Government's detailed proposals.

The hon.

Member for Bath is absolutely right that location is equally important.