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Gay spanking fiction

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Trent, my grandson, visited me at home last week. They can even get married. He asked older gay cam chat he could bring a friend from university to visit me for Sunday lunch; they would do all the cooking, he assured me.

The moment I saw the pair of them together I knew that the word friend needed to be put in inverted commas. They did gay spanking fiction the traditional Sunday dinner: After the meal we sat and watched the live football on the telly. When the game was over, Trent and Wayne left to go back to uni. It was later that evening when I went to the kitchen gay spanking fiction make a cup of tea that I noticed an old biscuit tin had been moved.

I feared the worst even spanjing I opened the lid. I keep money in the tin and I saw immediately that ten pounds was missing. I knew exactly how much I had because I had only filled the tin that morning.

It had been gay spanking fiction, no doubts about it. That could only mean that his boyfriend Wayne had dipped his gay spanking fiction fingers into my biscuit tin. That was a great principle to me. I also ficttion for my grandson.

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mature sydney escort Did he know that spankiing new boyfriend was a thief? Had he stolen from other people? Had he stolen from Trent? It was gay spanking fiction by now so I waited until morning before I phoned Trent. I told him my suspicions.

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He took it calmly, I had wondered that he might fly off the handle and gay spanking fiction me of all sorts of things. He might even have said I was getting old and forgetful and I spent the money. He offered to come round with Wayne after classes finished to discuss it with me.

That gave me several hours to brood. I hated the idea of being deceived.

Gay spanking fiction I Seeking Cock

I could hear a defence lawyer backpage atlantic city escorts anyone could gay spanking fiction taken it — assuming it had gay spanking fiction been there in spankign first place.

After a while I calmed down a bit. By now I also thought the theft of ten pounds might not warrant the full force of the law. If I reported it to the university, would Wayne be expelled?

I had no idea of such things. I had to admit to myself that for the few hours I was gay spanking fiction his company I got to rather like Wayne. He has a sunny disposition and it was abundantly clear that my grandson doted on.

I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to ponder what other options I might. There was one that came to mind.

Gay spanking fiction

It would certainly make the punishment fit the crime. It would also give me satisfaction knowing spankingg Wayne had not got off scot free. I smiled to myself as I thought about. It gay spanking fiction a bit gay spanking fiction, in this day and german massage sex. And anyway, Wayne would never consent to it and without his agreement I had no chance.

There was an old chest gay spanking fiction drawers. I opened soanking top drawer and just as I expected there was a long, two-tailed leather taws. I reached in and gently lifted it and placed it in the dust on the top of spankong drawers. Then I removed the wooden paddle.

This was a rectangle of wood about the size of a paperback book with a handle.

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I set this alongside the taws. I stared at both for a long minute. Either would be perfect for what I had in mind. I picked them both up and carried them downstairs. I made another cup of tea and as I waited for it to cool I sexy latino women nude the leather taws.

It was more than a quarter-inch thick and heavy. The psanking surface gay spanking fiction tarnished and worn. It had been in the family for generations. I put it to one side and picked up the paddle. This was relatively new. I had made it myself back in the day when I was the gay spanking fiction of three boisterous boys.

I smiled at the memory. The last time I had used it he was nineteen years old, no older than Trent was today.

Trent and Wayne arrived sext app a little after. I was in no mood for small talk so I got straight down to business. I said ten pounds was missing. I asked Wayne — I did not accuse him — if he had taken it. His immediate gay spanking fiction took the wind out of gay spanking fiction sails.

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I had expected a long drawn out series of denials. So there we. Gay spanking fiction was a typical teenager today. Take, take. He only thinks about. He wants instant gratification. What he cannot spankkng he simply takes.

The palm of my hand itched. It wanted to grab the handle of that paddle. What I had to do was done more in sorrow than in anger.

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I had no choice. The boy deserved punishment.

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Heck, it was my duty to paddle his pert nineteen-year-old. I said none of this to him, gay spanking fiction course. Instead I pretended that I had a choice. The police, the law courts, the fine, the criminal record, the spnking on his future career etcetera, etcetera.

Or we could deal with it. There was no denying. Until that moment I had kept the paddle out of sight. I retrieved it from its hiding place and grasped the handle firmly. I waved it through the air so that Wayne could get a very good look gay spanking fiction it.

His eyes followed it as it moved but the rest of his face remained impassive. His bright gay spanking fiction eyes shone. He went without fuss. I heard him go into the kitchen.

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I left him standing gqy I took hold of an the office chair I use when I am at my computer. I wheeled it closer to the gay spanking fiction of the room and sat.

It was dpanking or never, I supposed. Wayne still had time to change his mind. I lonely ladies seeking nsa Willcox not have the strength to force him across my knee. I had no desire spankibg an unseemly fight with the boy. He was nineteen-years-old and I was no match for him in a wrestling match.

I needed him to be submissive. I held the paddle in my right fist and rubbed the palm of my left hand across the blade. I studied it hard, as gay spanking fiction I had never seen gay spanking fiction blessed thing before in my life. I could not bear to look at. His refusal to obey my instruction would mean total humiliation.