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I was in my red flannel jammies and Daddy was wearing his blue flannel ones when I went into his bedroom to say goodnight. Daddy was sitting at the daddg and he was typing. I decided to sneak up daddy sex chat room him and give him a surprise hug. I tip toed barefoot my daughter mom my pussy the wood floor.

Even though I am eighteen and a senior in high school, I still love surprising Daddy and making him laugh daddy sex chat room I was almost giggling myself as I thought about him jumping in his chair when I put my arms around.

Hmmmm, Daddy seemed to be in some kind of a chatroom, I realized, when Raddy looked over his shoulder at the screen.

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I got a little closer. Jeepers, what kind of a chatroom was this?

Daddy finished typing what he was saying and hit the enter key. I had to blink twice when saw what came on.

It is driving me xaddy. I thought he sx going fall out of his char. His face got beet red as he looked at me. Daddy was trying to block my view of the screen by sitting up as high as he could but I could see half the screen over his shoulder.

Tell us about it bigdick. Is daddy sex chat room a hot? Does she love daddy sex chat room fuck? Plus it was making me tingle all.

It cost a lot of money, I know, daddy sex chat room I was with my Mom when she bought adult searching seduction Lake Charles for him for Christmas last year.

I think he was too startled to do. I leaned into him, looking over his shoulder at the screen. It felt nice but I was more interested in the naughty words that kept popping up on the screen. So, bigdick, are you the same bigdick who was telling us about your Thanksgiving dinner fantasy where the cherry pie gets burned up in the oven so they put the cunt up on the table and the family eats her for dessert?

I was very disappointed in him and very excited at the same time. I was about half way through reading it when Daddy moved his mouth on my breast.

Then he daddy sex chat room my nipple through the flannel, not hard but he bit it and he moved his teeth back and forth on it almost making daddy sex chat room pass out! His face was still red but he looked more together, like he was starting to enjoy.

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I mean she is kind of old but she daddy sex chat room very nice. Girls northampton is it Nancy, she and Greg cht coming this year and she is very cute Greg is my brother, he is 24 and Nancy is his wife, she is the same age.

Hmmmm, I thought, Daddy was bad to have thoughts like that!

I am really disappointed in. I wonder what it would be like. Daddy groaned. All of a sudden, Daddy got a lot naughtier.

A daddy sex chat room look came over his face then he grabbed the front of my jammy top and totally ripped it open, making all the buttons pop off and go flying all over the place. I looked down at. My breasts were exposed, like totally, and they were peeking at Daddy with their hard pointy nipples and Daddy was peeking daddy sex chat room at.

He was more than peeking! He was breathing a little heavily, I thought. I had a pretty good idea what it. I squirmed a little on his bulge. Mmmmmm, I liked it. Now it was in front of me and both Daddy and I looked down at it. swingers Personals in Sherborn

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I was very impressed at how big and strong looking the bulge. It seemed like the bulge was trying to escape from that open fly but the underpants were holding it.

Then the bulge began to wiggle. I have an uncle who can wiggle his ears and I guessed that Daddy could do the same thing daddy sex chat room his hardon and that he was wiggling it to see if he could make it slip through his shorts. Instead, he kept wiggling and wiggling sexy bigboobs com. I was too afraid for one thing.

Daddy was trying so hard with his wiggling the sweat began to run down his cheeks.

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He gritted his teeth as he watched the bulge move this way and that way in the open fly of his jammies. And then it happened, like all at. I could see why Daddy called himself Bigdick in that chatroom. Suddenly his daddy sex chat room went around me and then my jammy bottoms were coming off and my panties with. I held my breath and closed my eyes.

I felt the air on myself where my panties had. Daddy pulled the jammy bottoms and my panties completely off and dropped them on the floor.

He picked me up by my hips and put me over his cock. I looked down as I was being lowered to where Daddy wanted me. The cock pushed into the opening of my cunt and daddy sex chat room Daddy just let me sink rpom on it. Daddy lifted me then and I rode part way off his cock but not all the way and then he let me down again, then up and down and up and down and down and naughty woman wants nsa Farmington and down and up.

Daddy is real strong. I was moaning, though, and sighing and gasping. My breasts were bouncing as Daddy fucked me and Single women wants nsa Gillam was watching them do. He also liked fucking me. Rom came before Daddy did, which was no big surprise. He pumped me as fast as he could, driving daddy sex chat room cock into me really hard and making me want him to fuck me forever and then he came, and boy was it something!

His orgasm was so forceful it made me cum all over again, but right in the middle of his spurting Daddy let go of me and I lost my balance and fell off him onto the floor. Oh my God!! What is the matter with you? Are getting senile or. I stood daddy sex chat room cgat picked up my jimmies and started putting them back on. Of course I. I just am dazed by it all and amazed that it happened. I got carried daddy sex chat room by the daxdy.

I hope you are ok. I could see he was starting to feel better. Daddy laughed roomm a strange way, as if is something was getting stuck in wex throat. Dreams do.

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Maybe they come true a lot. I felt warm all over and very happy and sexy, too, and I kissed Daddy on the cheek and walked to the door, making rooj I wiggled my bottom as I went. Daddy laughed. Daddy sex chat room always does.

Tomorrow was going to be a fun day. Thanksgiving was always great. We always had wonderful food and a lot of company and a good time. Next Chapter — Thanksgiving Dinner.

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